Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Out Sick

No, not me, but just about everyone else it seems has come down with something. So far I've been lucky and I just hope that if it's going to happen, that it doesn't happen at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. Speaking of Epic Rides, the Whiskey Off Road registration opened today, I'm all over that shit. It's going to be a good time this year cause I'm gonna bring the right gear.

Today was a gravy day at work with nothing much going on so I cut out early with every intention of hitting the trails. I got home pretty early and decided to get some work done on the boat before riding. Of course it wasn't until I was just about to go ride that I remembered that I had yet to pick up my rear wheel from Rage, so instead of heading to Dreamy Draw, I went to Scottsdale. By the time I got back here I no longer had enough time to ride before our bar date with our 80 something year old neighbor, Charlotte.
So the four of us(Michele, Char, Star, and myself) hit the Roosevelt for a bit of libations and pub fare. So as we're sitting around the table sharing funny stories Char starts telling us about another neighbor that lives on our floor. This other neighbor is an older woman that has for some reason latched herself to Char. She's had Char escort her to doctors appointments and help with other errands. Well about two weeks ago this woman called Char because she was trying to find someone to get rid of the pigeon's nest that was outside of her front door. So Char comes down with a broom and gets the nest out of the scupper where is sat. At this point Michele, Star and I can no longer contain our laughter. Ever since the nest disappeared Michele has pretty much been fuming about the unknown "pigeon killer" and as it turns out this frail old lady that was sitting across from us sharing our cheese plate was that assassin. What do you do when this happens? Go out for ice cream of course.

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john said...

The Roosevelt is a good joint. The beans and franks/franks and beans rocks.