Friday, March 16, 2007

Arizona Spring Fling '07

Today starts the Spring Fling for Star and I. The actual start was two days ago but we were both working so instead of 5 days of flinging, we get 3. I volunteered to sweep the C level rides Friday thru Sunday and so far things are going great. I enjoy the C group rides, they're usually pretty mellow and a very casual pace.

Today was South mountain in Phoenix. Star and I headed out at the ass crack and headed to the top of the mountain. I volunteered to drop water at the top for the A and B rides. The high for today was 98 degrees and the riders were going to need it. So we tore ass to the top and stashed 15 gallons and quickly headed back down to meet up at the starting area. We got to the lot just in time to see off the B riders. The 11 remaining riders were my group. It was a good easy ride at a fairly slow pace with lots of stops to chat and discuss route. Including the stops it took just over 2 hours to cover the 10.3 miles and 1150 feet.

Tonight there is going to be a barbecue at South Mountain as a part of the festivities. Star and I will be heading out soon and it should be a good opportunity for me to rub elbows with my betters(in the MTB world anyway).

Sedona tomorrow!

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