Friday, March 2, 2007

Michele is gone

I left work early yesterday because we were headed up to Flagstaff for the night making it just that much easier to get Michele on her early morning train to Canton. When I got home Michele was not yet completely packed and as she was gathering up all of her electronic devices(phone, PDA, etc.) she asked me how much a new point and shoot would set us back. She's going to be gone for two months and it's going to be a long time before she makes it back to Canton again, so it would be nice to have some pictures. I kind of destroyed our last one, starting with a four foot fall to rock and numerous other bumps and falls along the way. I told her we could cash in the change jar and apply that to the camera and that's just what we did. The change jar, built up only since last July, held more than $100 and it went well over halfway to purchasing this:

New camera in hand we headed North. First of all, I don't know what I thought would happen when I asked Joe if we could stay the night. I mean I knew damn well what would happen, I think I just hoped for a quiet evening. So we hit Flag at around 3:30 or so and were quickly greeted by Gordo the wonder dog.

The usual small talk ensued and beers were handed out. The decision was made that we should hop bikes and head into town(big surprise), so as soon as the beers were gone we donned our cold weather gear. Michele decided to try the trike while we waited for Joe, always good for a laugh.

First stop is and always will be the Pay-N-Take.

On to Sushi. Karma is hell of good but way too easy to drop a bill there. Oh well, we weren't paying for a hotel and I'm not really going to be eating out for the next two months anyway.

On to Rendezvous, where I was feeling a bit more artsy than fartsy.

Back to P-N-T where Joe just kept on buying, and we kept on drinking.

At about 10:15 or so we took the path back to Joe's by the light of an almost full moon. Bed by 11:15 to be up at 5:00. The train showed up late at 6:45 so after I had my lady safely aboard I busted ass back to the 'nix to go to work.

When I came home this afternoon Star and I finally got back to work on the boat.

We got the glass on the bottom along with the first coat of epoxy and by Sunday we should be able to flip it back over and start working on the top. Very exciting.

Know anybody in the market for a truck?

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michele said...

Why do you keep flossin' all of our bling?