Monday, March 12, 2007

Night ride w/ pop

I took dad on his first night ride tonight. I figured we might be out for a while so I grabbed Star's HID for him just in case. Turns out the ride was short but it took a while to get rolling. When we went to the garage to get the car loaded we discovered that some of the epoxy work I had done on the boat earlier had gone south and needed my immediate attention so that set us back a half hour before we even got going. Next we dropped mom off at Biltmore Fashion Park (fashion park = mall for those not in the valley) and headed up to the Tatum trailhead for T-100. I had planned to hit 8 and most of 1A to challenge the old man a bit but it started getting dark pretty fast, not the best time to be hitting unfamiliar technical trail. We were short on time anyway so I turned the ride into a smaller loop taking us back on some of the same trails we hit on Friday. We ended up with 6.5 miles and 550 feet in just over an hour.

We paid a visit to the springtime version of the boys of summer yesterday. Here's a picture that I liked.

And one of Ichiro rounding third for mom.

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