Thursday, May 17, 2007

Car update and ride report

I dropped the car off yesterday at the body shop. The damage comes to about three thousand and it might be a while. They got started on the sheetmetal right away but the problem is that the rear roof glass is not a part kept on hand and it may take some time to get in. If the car's not done by the day after Memorial Day we're just going to have to rent a car to get to graduation and come straight back here afterwards.

On the upside , I took my bike over to Rage for a second opinion this morning. Curly said the bar damage wasn't deep enough to be worried and I was good to ride.

I decided that I'm still in for the Whiskey, I can't just leave Star in the lurch. So when I got home from work I went ahead and got my bike ready for WOR. All that really consisted of was lubing the chain and swapping out my normal 18 tooth freewheel for my rarely used "this ride is going to be steep" 21 tooth one. I got a slight chainline issue that comes to focus with the larger freewheel. I don't think it's going to be a problem, but I'm going to throw an extra PC-1 master link in my bag just in case.

Michele and I headed out for a quick preserves ride late in the day starting from 32nd St. The mostly flat ride combined with the ridiculous gear had me either riding slow or spinning fast almost the whole time. I was seated however for a good portion of the climbing on the ride and I think that's a good sign for Saturday. If I can stay in the saddle for the majority of the long fire road climb I will be a happy camper. I must have walked 5 miles or more last year and I really don't want to have a repeat performance. My GPS died during the ride but I'd guess we rode 4.5 miles and climbed 400 feet.