Friday, May 4, 2007

Final First Friday in Feenix

Michele and I went for a short little spin in the preserves this afternoon. Not much to speak of except that the wind was whipping like all hell broke loose. Michele was complaining of all the dust in her mouth, funny I didn't really notice it. It was my first time on the bike in a week and a half and it's been over two months for Michele. No bike for her while in Ohio. 3 miles and 250 feet in 25 minutes.

Today was also First Friday so we headed down to the Roosevelt area to walk the galleries. It was probably the most packed I've ever seen it, people everywhere. We could hardly get in to see the galleries, great for people watching though. A lot of weird shit makes it onto display every month, but who am I to judge what counts as art? It was our last time to see the craziness, this time next month we'll be in Kirksville for Michele's graduation and then it's off to our new life in the Pac-NW.

The Roosevelt was a little busy for our tastes so we hit Lola Tapas on the way home for some wine and small eats. Great little establishment.

Tomorrow we're going to try for Pemberton. Michele's already informed me that if it's too windy she's out. If that's the case I'l hold onto my five bills and go for a long ride in the preserves.

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