Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mixed Miles

What was supposed to be a quick little spin on the Volpe turned into a little bit more tonight. When I left the house I told Michele I'd be gone for less than an hour. It started out innocently enough as a slow roll around Steele Indian School Park and then up the 3rd Ave bikeway toward AZ canal. That's where I had planned on turning around and making my way back. Instead I continued on up 7th to the T-100 and spent ~3.5 miles playing in the dirt. By the time I hit pavement again it was pretty dark and it dawned on me that Michele would be getting worried pretty soon. Note to self, always remember to bring cell phone, or some spare change, or at the bare minimum write down the wife's phone number. I hauled ass down Cave Creek to 12th and all the way home as fast as my little legs would let me, good thing it's all downhill. I had blinkys going front and rear, but it would have been nice to be rocking a real headlight too, oh well, there's always next time. I covered about 19 miles and 900 feet of elevation in 1 hour 40 minutes including stops for pictures.

Speaking of pictures:

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