Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I'm back,

and I brought my wife back with me.

Jill and I had no problem getting to the Lake of the Ozarks on Friday in plenty of time for the rehearsal. Jill, by the way, is my cousin who lives in the 'nix working on her doctorate. Rehearsal went well with a very large rehearsal dinner to follow. I ended up at a small table with a couple of my Swedish cousins who came to play the music. One is currently in Philly double majoring in dance and science and the other is in school in Toronto learning something or other and will be getting married at the end of next month.

Michele was delivered to me by Whites who brought her from St. Louis in time for the wedding.

The actual sister/murse wedding and reception went well with hardly any family drama- nothing beyond the expected, anyway. I agreed to be the photographer and I'm mostly happy with the way the photos went down. There's a couple combinations of people I missed and a couple of settings that sucked, but everyone else seems quite happy so that's cool. This is my favorite from the day.

This is a decent one of Sarah and Nate. I didn't take near enough of just the two of them.

Here's another one I like of my mother adjusting her glasses in my general direction.

The reception went well with enough alcohol to keep my wife and a small group of friends happy. Steph, Garrett, Michele, and I stayed around for a good portion of the cleanup before retiring for the evening. The next morning we all went out for breakfast before going our separate directions. Michele and I picked up Jill and headed back towards my parents house in Kansas. I was getting pretty tired not long after crossing into Kansas. That combined with my "back with my lady" euphoria made me suggest to Jill that instead of driving straight back to Phoenix on Monday, we go through Pueblo. My idea was that her husband, who lives in Laramie finishing up his doctorate, could drive down and pick her up and she could catch a plane back later in the week. I don't really regret the suggestion and the subsequent 250 mile detour and neither does Michele, but it would have been a good idea to consult with her first. We could have still made it home yesterday, but it would have been a really long day in the car. Instead we stayed the night in Gallup, opting to take the long way home today. We took the opportunity to check out Petrified Forest National Park.

Ok, that's enough for now. I'll post some more pictures later.

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