Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Working on leaving

No rhyme or reason to todays post, sorry.

No riding as of yet this week. The house is a total mess as we gather our things and try and fit them into boxes. I've only got two more days left with my nose to the grindstone and I couldn't be happier about that. Star's movers showed up on Monday to take all of her stuff away. Yesterday was dinner for Charlotte at her house due to the afore mentioned home mess. Car's still in the shop and not expected to be done until Tuesday next week, a little on the late side but that's the way it goes. I packed my headlight up today so no more night rides for me until it gets unpacked in Seattle. Crazy Jose is on his way over here right now for some dinner before heading back home to Flag. All kinds of craziness going on right now.

Some gratuitous food shots for Dave and one of Char at the Scrabble board.

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