Saturday, May 12, 2007


Well, let's see, what happened today? Started getting rid of unneeded items on Craigslist today. Sold a freebie massage table for a cool hundred. I also unloaded our old, non functioning computer sans memory and HD for fifty. Last but not least, Michele listed a pair of my barely used boots for twenty, no sale as of yet, I guess it is both last and least.

I also got Star and the boat in the pool finally. It was great to see it float for the first time. we worked on some wet entry, paddle strokes, and attempted eskimo rolls. Tomorrow we will try again.

Today was also the first Pemberton night ride of the year. Star and I rocked that shit. I do love Pemberton, it's really up there in the running for favorite ride in the Valley. Now a lot of people will poopoo this suggestion, but hear me out. It's all about flow. I love the flow. Fast, fluid, swoopy trail is my favorite kind of ride and that's something sorely lacking in the 'nix. Pemberton has good flowing trail right out of the lot, fast and fun. It takes a break for a couple miles for a steady little rocky grind, but once that's over it's back to the flow for many miles until you're back at the parking lot. Let's not forget that the best section of all is saved for the very end, too. The last couple miles are smooth and fast with tons of kick ass little corners where trail builders could have just as easily built a straight line from the service road to the lot. Oh yeah, it's even better with the headlamp induced tunnel vision that comes along with a night ride. I'd say it's got the highest flow ratio of anything else around. Hawes is the only thing I can think of that even comes close. Of course, I recognize that some (Jeff and SuLing come to mind) might call me soft for raving about such a non-tech trail, but they can suck it (really, I love them both, but they can suck it anyway)!

Pemberton stats:
15.2 miles
1100 feet of climbing
1 hour 38 minutes


JMH said...

That is one fine looking boat, much nicer than my plastic Necky. Nice work. Is it going to see any saltwater in the Pacific NW, or will it remain in Arizona?

Sean said...

The boat's actually headed the opposite direction from Michele and I. Star will be doing her residency in New Orleans and the boat will be seeing action in the Gulf.