Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Leaving's not so easy

So we're in Flag for the night crashing at Crazy Jose's place to cut a couple hours off of the big drive to Wichita tomorrow. Unfortunately, we're not in our car. At around 4:30 I found out that the body shop broke one of the rear quarter windows while putting the car back together and they won't have a replacement until late tomorrow afternoon. So, I went out and rented a cheap car. This kind of throws a big wrench into our well laid travel plans. Now, instead of driving straight to Seattle from graduation we will be returning to Phoenix and likely will be convincing my brother to use my plane ticket so he can drive the car up while I drive the moving truck. The upside, I guess, is that I've got something like six more days to spend in the valley, along with my mountain bike and a house that's all ready to go. Looks like I may get in a couple more rides yet. Also, I made sure my rental had room inside for my bike. I'm gonna need that in Missouri to help me out of my little funk, that's for sure.

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JMH said...

Safe travels to you. Hope you get into the NW singletrack, check out the trails in Bellingham when you get the chance.