Monday, May 7, 2007


I spent much of my morning hating my current job and thinking about the future. Right now Michele and I are a two car family, counting my company truck. I'm really looking forward to being a one car family at the end of the month but I'm having some trouble figuring out the logistics. Michele's going to need the car for her first residency rotation in July and during that time I've got a truck I can borrow from a friend, so no problem. Also my uncle's got a beat to hell early 80's Datsun pickup I can have cheap, but I really don't like the idea of owning an older vehicle and not having a garage to fix it in. I went through that once and it made for an awfully fun winter(the $170 1974 Datsun pickup for those in the know). There's also the chance I could once again have a company truck to drive around. The other option I see is to get through July and then traded in the car on a 4-cyl Tacoma. Michele's not going to like reading that I can promise you.

What I'd really like to do is not have to drive to work, I want to ride my fucking bike. Right now, I put between 400 and 700 miles a week on my company truck just driving around the valley, combine that with the recent 3000 mile road trip and the coming 5000ish mile circumnavigation of the Western half of the country I'm feeling a little burned on driving around. Unfortunately my particular employment skill set usually necessitates hauling around a shit load of tools and materials. Damn, if only something something than something else. Poor me, right?

Fuck it, I'm headed back to the Pac-NW and that's what matters, right?

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