Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Details, details

So it's three a.m. and it's become abundantly clear to me that I'm not going to get any sleep tonight so I might as well share.

The whole thing started out well enough, I rushed my ass home from a far East emergency job just in the nick of time to go riding with Yuri in the preserves. We started out from Dreamy Draw and all was right with the world. The ride was nothing new, but a fair amount of trail that I'd glossed over in the past six months or so. It was good. Stopped to chat and catch my breath here and there. Note to self: after spending much of the day in a small space with an industrial dehumidifier, a better pre-func is required before riding. I nearly drained my camelback in a short little ride. We crossed paths with a familiar group coming down Cheesegrater as we were headed up, yet another reason to stop and chat and all was still right with the world. Finished it all off right by screaming down 1A-100-1A and back to the lot. 7.7 miles and 1100 feet in an hour and a half.

We loaded bikes and went our separate ways but not until after rehashing Yuri's tale of bike destruction and the hands of a garage door last Fall. I was thinking about how much that must suck as I was pulling out of the lot. Unfortunately, I started focusing more on grabbing Michele and hitting the bar more than the task at hand. When I got home I just drove straight into the garage. The rack came off the car and went right into the rear sunroof and hatch glass. Also the body directly over the doors is nicely kinked and scratched where the rack was forced free. The rack seemed to have faired fairly well with nothing more than a slight bend in the tray that was holding my bike. The bike also came away mostly clean, the carbon bars are toast thanks to the stucco exterior of the garage. The brake levers took a little beating but I'm guessing that's just cosmetic, the same thing goes for the stem. My frame walked away without any damage at all so far as I can see.

I'm just so fucking pissed at myself. Michele and I are trying to keep our spending to a minimum right now and we really don't need this. Not to mention the fact that we leave Phoenix in less than two weeks for graduation and Seattle. If the car isn't ready in time than we'll just have to rent a car to get to graduation and come straight back here rather than go to Seattle. I'm also seriously thinking about skipping the Whiskey and holding on to the money we'd be spending on hotel and food. The car is lined up to hit the shop tomorrow, oh boy.


Anonymous said...

Geez, I don't even know Yuri, but I'd blame him too!


Sean said...

It's a lot easier than blaming myself, that's for sure.